Galkayo Solar park - 0,5 MWp Hybrid System


Galkayo Solar park - 0,5 MWp Hybrid System

We, at Future Globe Electrics Ltd. realize the importance of the healthy and safe working environment. Therefore we involve the Innovative management type system, where management have a key role in the health and safety effort. Furthermore there is a high level of integration of health and safety into broader management systems and practices. For us, employee involvement in health and safety practices is viewed as very important to the system operation. We are providing mechanisms in place to give effect to a high level of involvement of each employee.

In Future Globe Electrics Ltd., we always encourages people to speak up about safety concerns and take responsibility for their actions.

    Installed capacity: 0,5 MWp Hybrid System

    Location: Galkayo, Somalia

    Services: Electrical installation, Mechanical installation, Commissioning, Grid connection